Research Highlight--From Heat to Sound and Sound to Heat--

Thermoacoustics have been observed and known for centuries, but the use of this phenomenon to develop engines and cooling pumps is fairly recent. It combines the fields of acoustics and thermodynamics to move heat by using sound waves. Professor Biwa and his team at the School of Engineering are engaged in research to deepen the understanding and find practical applications of this phenomenon. Actually, this phenomenon has already found its way into practical applications, albeit niche applications, such as thermoacoustic refrigerator for the Space Shuttle and gas liquefaction processing.

Research Highlight--The Dawn of Spintronics--

For more than a century, Tohoku University has been a leading research institution in the field of magnetic materials and gave birth to various breakthroughs such as the hard disk drive. It is thus in a natural way that, since the discovery of giant magneto resistance in 1988, Tohoku University has been engaged in Spintronics research, science dealing with the spin of charged particles at the root of phenomena such as ferromagnetism. Spintronics has grown into a discipline of its own and the School of Engineering has been at the cutting edge of research in this field. We invite the reader to discover more about this topic at the website of the Tohoku University Research News of Engineering (Tune) at

International Student:
Luis Aparicio (Venezuela)--In the Quest for the Ultimate Energy Source--

Luis graduated from the Rafael Urdaneta University with a degree in Electrical Engineering. After hearing that researches were conducted on the creation of an unlimited energy source, his curiosity brought him to the other side of the globe to learn about one of the most interesting and promising science topics of the 21st century, nuclear fusion, which enables the harnessing of power gained from the energy produced in ion gases (plasmas) at extremely high temperatures where nuclear reaction can occur.

Aobayama Subway Station--Just Minutes from Sendai--

The wait will be over on December 6th with the opening of the new Tozai Subway line. Commuting between central Sendai and the School of Engineering will be greatly improved with Sendai Station being less than 10 minutes from the heart of the Aobayama Campus. It will actually take exactly 9 minutes and 250 yen to and from Sendai Station. Trains will run from 5:00 to 23:00 at intervals as short as 5 minutes during peak periods. Aobayama Station is an underground station of the new Sendai Tozai Subway line, whose platform is on the 6th underground floor and accessible by an elevator and a series of escalators.
Campus News
Open Campus 2015

On July 29th and 30th, the School of Engineering widely opened its doors. This year the Open Campus attracted more than 8000 visitors, mainly high school students in search of information for their future educational paths.

TESP 2015

For the sixth year, the Tohoku University Engineering Summer Program on Robotics (TESP) was held from July 27th to August 7th. This year's program attracted more than 50 participants from 26 different countries.

The Lab. Jackets

It is common to spot groups of students wandering around the Aobayama Campus at about noon wearing the same jackets. They actually belong to the same laboratory and wear the same personalized jacket with a motto and logo related to their field of research.

Study Opportunities for International Students
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